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Let’s face it, we’re all searching for more customers, more subscribers and more sales every day. And there’s a simple solution for this — eBooks, which still functions like gangbusters.

Whether it’s a strong lead magnet like a free report or whitepaper, or a Kindle book you’re selling every day… digital books are still a great way to attract traffic and sales for every business.

But there is only one thing— it can cause all sorts of headaches to build them. Creating, editing, designing… producing an eBook can take days or even weeks, plus a steep learning curve and a handful of expensive tools you’ll need to master before you even hit publish!

But there’s a brand-new tool on the market that promises to change all that. Let’s see the info below in my Sqribble Review!

So first Question is What is SQRIBBLE?

If you’ve been online marketing for more than 5 minutes, you’ll know that lead magnets, eBooks and reports are effective ways to build your list or sell for profit directly. But you’ll also realize that making them is a serious headache. All you write, design and format… URGHH. It’s already time!

That’s why a new product recently caught my eye— it’s called Sqribble and it’s an online tool that instantly produces qualified eBooks, studies, whitepapers and other forms of digital books with just a few clicks or taps.

This is not a new concept. A lot of different eBook developer resources have been available in the past. But if you’ve used most of them, you’ll know they all share the same frustrating flaws:

  • They have templates that are crappy.
  • They’re slow and untrustworthy
  • We also require additional resources

After nearly 12 months of development and a six-figure budget, the creator’s elite team worked non-stop around the clock… They eventually cracked the code to produce beautiful eBooks that look a million dollars in minutes with instant content!

After nearly 12 months of development and a six-figure budget, the creator’s elite team worked non-stop around the clock… They eventually cracked the code to produce beautiful eBooks that look a million dollars in minutes with instant content!

Sqribble is a cloud-based tool that enables you to build eBooks in seconds, such as reports, whitepapers, etc. It uses ready-made models and dragging n’ drop interface features that make your eBooks a breeze for self-publishing.

  • Build in minutes ebooks & reports on sale!
  • 50 Stunning Templates In 15 Categories
  • 1-Click Automated Content System

Don’t hesitate to review this Sqribble Review in its next portions because I will show it!

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Sqribble Review

Vendor Adeel Chowdhry Product: Sqribble Launch Date: 2018-Nov-05 Launch Time:11:00 Front price $47 Bonuses YES, Refund: YES, 30 Days Money-back Guarantee. Support Effective Answer Official site Click here

Adeel Chowdhry and his partner Ali Chowdhry  created Sqribble. For over ten years, Adeel has shattered the online scene. With several top # 1 items for networks like clickbank.

For several years in the internet marketing industry he has been teaching and educating students. His experience helped him with the goals of the students, and some of them achieved their seven-figure targets. His expertise and experience is unparalleled!

Let’s take a look now and explore the features on the next section of this analysis.

Sqribble Features

Let’s see what you’re going to get into first:

Sqribble Software

The whole ebook design studio has a state-of – the-art user interface drag and drop. Build award winning templates in minutes for beautiful high-quality, professional ebooks.

commercial license

The complete solution to start a successful design agency of your own! Comes with a commercial license to sell your generated eBooks and a ready-made website for customers!

Training Center

The complete interactive modules training programme, to help you get the most out of the whole Sqribble series! With step by step instructions and help they will teach you the power of Sqribble.

Here are some features that blew you away:

Automatic content

Yes, in fact, to fill your book with skilled content you can use Squribble so that you don’t have to write a word. The content is based on the URL you have from all over the internet.

Contents may be taken from any URL, pasted directly, extracted from a Word Document or from your own niche collection. Changing the complete game. This is a fantastic saver for time and a great bonus for everybody who has no money or no energy.

Eye catching eCovers

Some eBook tools could save time but for your books they turn out to be terrible eCovers. Here’s separate Sqribble.  They’ didn’t look alone in Kindle and Amazon and they feel immediately like you are a professional commanding trust and authority.

Create Flipbooks

This is one of Sqribble’s most favorite things. You can turn your perfect books into flipbooks. It makes your digital book seem like a real book— with pages which look like something that you can reach and catch (animated as a real book pages turn) and make the book look like something.

Automatic Table Of Contents

Sqribble generates automatically a completely thematic and editable content table, which offers an incredible experience for your users. Redeeming, reformatting and refurbishing it.

Automatic Headers & Footers

Sqribble integrates smart headers and footers automatically into your ebook, adding a professional look & feel and adding your contact details, logos, branding and a wonderful call-to-action on each page.

Automatic Page Numbering

Each page is numbered for you automatically! Save your effort and time. Ideal for professional online publishing and helping readers to find the page they want.

Drag & Drop Technology

Only click on any page to drag and drop content! Customize a page layout completely, without any coding or design capabilities.

Fully Customization

With push of the mouse, changing fonts, patterns, colours, templates and whole color themes! Give your website or brand a special ebook that fits perfectly.

Add Unlimited Pages

To insert a new page anywhere you want, press the little “plus” button. Choose a blank page for endless possibilities, thank you post, contents table or web page.

Add Design Elements

Tap the new article sections, cover pages, headlines, images, icons, backgrounds, new paragraphs and text columns, splitters, connections, functionalities, bullet lists and call to action fields by pressing the button.

Just select, click and that’s it!

Why do you need Sqribble?


Sqribble is a powerful tool for eBook creation there’s no doubt. Unlike other tools, it has everything you need to start cranking books, records, whitepapers and more in seconds for professional looks.

You can consider a more streamlined tool for eBook publishing with automated content, drag-and-drop editing, and a range of designs ready for customization.

Cloud-based technology is also a great bonus. No program that blocks your device needs to be downloaded.

Whether you publish books casually or constantly produce yourself or your customers lead gene reports, Sqribble may–and will–spare you time in trouble, possibly thousands of dollars of self-employment fees in the months and years to come. It gets my full approval only for this reason.

Let us take a moment to retrieve the huge advantages:

  • Easy to use: easy to use technology-focused software.
  • Awesome designs: 50 templates from 15 popular categories of niches to choose from.
  • 60 Second Creation: In just a few minutes create awesome ebooks, reports and whitepapers.
  • Content instant: Skip writing anything with our automated content engine.
  • Commercial License: sell your own designs and keep 100% of your income.

Is Sqribble for you?

I have no doubt that Sqribble will save you hours of work and tons of money on freelancers (if you outsell the design or write side) if you already make Lead magnets or ebooks for sale.

That is why I really think Sqribble is worth the investment and is perfectly suitable for many small or medium-size businesses, in particular self-publishers and data marketers.

It’s also a great tool to use if you’re a freelancer, collaborate with customers to build eBooks (including commercial rights, plus a great incentive for your website). This service can easily be charged $100, and Sqribble allows you to achieve your work less than you would normally do.

You also get some of the best rewards for your quick action from the seller:

Understand How Sqribble Works

You’ll see a bunch of eBook models to choose from when connecting to Sqribble. All are focused on various categories, so you will have to find one that suits your market / subject / niche.

You can simply click “view” to see what your eBook looks like (don’t worry, we will add your content later) after choosing the template that you want to use.

You will see how the book is set up and experience the story from this view screen. You can always go back and choose a template if you do not like it (50 templates are available and you can also change templates in every way). There are 50 models to choose.

The templates and designs are very smart, you will note. The publications seem like expert!

First, you are going to be asked where the book’s material is to be source. The following can be selected:

Grab from a URL

You can insert any URL you want and Sqribble will pull the contents from this page automatically and paste it into your book. It deletes the html code and only adds the page text.

It saves a lot of time and helps you to use expert knowledge (with loans) so that you can focus on issues and niches where you are not an expert!

Start from scratch

This option allows you, as it sounds, to enter your content in a Word document. Type into the page directly.

Copy and paste manually

It allows you to import material from wherever you like and paste it into the book, where the text is formatted and professional for you.

Upload Word File

You can get Sqribble to delete any code or unusual formatting from a Word document directly.

Start from Article Collection

Here you can take out material from the large private label library in Sqribble that you can use free of charge, without writers crediting and without the connection to the source. This is another great way to fill your book quickly, free of charge!

Eventually, you can move to a edit screen, which will allow you to redimension text, transfer objects, edit text, add media, links, lists, call to action areas, new pages and many additional options to customize the look and feel of the individual pages or the entire book.

You can add even new pages to the rest of your book which use an entirely different layout, giving you a lot of flexibility and endless possibilities for the book.

One thing I liked was the subject choice during editing. You can alter the theme and font style of your entire book instantly with just one click. It is like giving your book a new “face,” and it is just one element to differentiate Sqribble from the other devices.

Finally, once you are ready to publish, in the top-right corner of the screen you hit the little “generate eBook” button, you have your book ready!

You can either easily preview the book or save the book in PDF in a browser.

Who Should Buy It?

To freelancers, independent web marketers, small marketing companies, and small business owners, Sqribble is the most popular product to creating lead images, publishing books, creating and selling ebooks, or publishing white papers.

If, also, you are interested in creating additional revenues, you are happy to know that a license to use Sqribble for customer work is also included, providing creating eBook services that allow unlimited eBooks to be sold and retained for all profits!

They also provide you with a ready-to-built website for a agency with a pre-full portfolio that you can upload instantly to any domain to give any potential new clients a work. (They will cost you at least $700 alone on eligible websites like this so it really is good value.)

An integrated “Customer input tool” is also included to allow customers to cooperate more effectively with eBook projects (I love this).

 Instantly Create eBooks in Just Minutes


Sqribble can be picked up in these choices for a limited time with the early price for bird discount. Before this special offer goes away, let us choose the best options for you!

Front-end: Sqribble Software ($47)

Create # 1 eBooks & Reports In Minutes Without Writing A single word immediately! Instantly

Upgrade 1: Sqribble professional. ($97)

Unlock 150 more advanced eBook models, graphics and more ready — content for all forms of niche. The best ones are in the professional version. (Simply so you know, you will have to pay for individual models from stock websites for a cost of up to $450… for ONE template alone!)

Upgrade 2 — Sqribble Prime ($47)

Get 15 new eBook templates, added to your Sqribble dashboard each month, for premium “limited edition.” This will over time boost your collection and differentiate you from other consumers. This plays out for a sample to less than two dollars! Perfect for moderate users. (Much better than auction sites.)

Upgrade 3 — Sqribble Fantasia 3D ($77)

This includes 2-in-1 features.

  • Unlocks your dashboard’s 3D cover creation tool, allowing you to turn “flat” coverings into 3d coverings that look alive. It is great to take your books more attention and feel “real.” They judge a book by the cover, so they have something to keep in mind.
  • Build Flipbooks that render your eBooks like in real life interactive and animated pages. They can be linked online from anywhere or embedded in a single piece of code on web pages. That’s so sweet.

Upgrade 4 — Auto Job Finder software. ($197)

If you use Sqribble to build eBooks as a payment service, then you need an auto work finder. You can find related jobs automatically on various free-lance websites and alert you to do so. An incredible saver of time and money.

Now, please, don’t wait, take it, while it’s yet at the lowest possible price! So simply don’t feel free to try it, because you have 30 days to check it and make sure it’s yours.


In short, I hope you can get a better understanding of this product from all the details in this Sqribble Review and then make an informed choice for you.
Nonetheless, please feel free to contact me at any time if you need any advice. Thank you, however, for reading my analysis of Sqribble. Farewell, and again see you!

Sqribble Create Your Next eBook

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