How to build an email list free is one of the very best strategies for any internet marketer or company looking to generate further sales. Email gives the audience a straight line. What’s more, email’s personal nature as a form of communication ensures most of the people on your list will reach readers who are eager to hear more about you.

Good news? The development of an email list need not break the bank. Thankfully it can be done completely free of charge!

You’ll get to know about five techniques in this article on How to Build an Email List free that doesn’t cost a dime but is still extremely effective.

1 Get a Free Autoresponder

Your autoresponder is the lifeline of your email marketing campaign and realistically it won’t be possible to build a list without one.

The autoresponder has several roles. Firstly, it will allow you to build opt-in forms that your website visitors can use to add their emails to your list.

You can choose from numerous different designs and create something that will stand out and attract attention. At the same time, an autoresponder also has the job of allowing you to manage your emails.

That means you can accommodate people who ask to unsubscribe, and that means you can provide a’ double opt-in’ meaning people will have to confirm they really want to sign up when they first add their name and email.

It helps to reduce spam, and it will also keep the mailing list loaded with only people who are likely to check their addresses.

Autoresponders allow you to send automated messages in response to various actions (such as purchasing a product) and enable you to monitor actions like opening and clicking.

You can thus see who clicked on the most emails within your emails to find warm leads you can sell to.

Finally, you’ll also use your autoresponder to send your emails. You can also schedule emails or send follow-ups when they do not respond.

With a spreadsheet and Gmail, none of that would be realistic!

If you want to create a free mailing list, you won’t be able to use one of the big-name autoresponders. Options such as GetResponse and MailChimp are expensive to get started and the price only gets higher the more subscribers you get.

Fortunately, options such as i-Autoresponder exist, which offer the same service (lacking some features) completely for free. If you want to build your mailing list for free, this should be your very first step.

2. List Management

List management means ensuring the mailing list is free of fake email addresses as much as possible. Which means you must delete spam emails from your list, and that means you have to remove the typos.

You must also get rid of members who really don’t want to be there, and who never answer any of your emails!

Why does this matter? Because if you don’t take care of your hygiene chart, otherwise your emails will either start to bounce, or sit in loads of inboxes unopened. When this continues to happen, Gmail, Yahoo, and the other large email providers can take note of it and even blacklist your address.

Once that happens all your emails will go into spam automatically.

What does it mean to join your mailing list? Simple: The typical email marketing company is thought to invest about $9-$1,000. Typically, that will account for 16 percent of the marketing budget.

Where the money goes? List cleaning devices like Kickbox and Never Bounce are one growing cost. These are list cleaning applications that can automatically search for skipping or not functioning emails at all.

You can save your list and keep it running smoothly, but it’s not safe. That’s why it’s better to think twice about constructing your list first. You must make sure that you look after your hygiene list as you go in such a way that it never becomes a major issue in the first place.

Some steps to take:How to Build an Email List free

  • Use the double opt-in
  • Don’t try to trick people into joining your mailing list
  • Don’t offer lead magnets that are so enticing that they attract people who otherwise would have no interest in your content
  • Add a spam filter to your form
  • Get people to enter their email address twice

Collect Emails in Person

As we’ve already seen, the average email marketing company spends as little as $9 a month. This is a testament to how little overhead is usually involved in email marketing–one of its biggest appeals.

Nonetheless, one of the ways you might spend money on this campaign is to first attract visitors to your mailing list. This could include using paid advertising, which will appear on search engines and on Facebook to draw interested audiences to the content you create.

The problem? PPC costs money.

An interesting approach which can then be used by small businesses is to receive emails in person! That’s not something that many people think about, but it can be highly effective.

I’m not thinking about canvas here either, but just receiving emails when, for example, consumers make a purchase or ask if they’d like to hear from you when you’ve got new items in store. It’s an easy way to put a big list together.

Ask People to Share Your Emails

Another free way to get word out about a fantastic email list is simply to ask the people who have already subscribed if they would send the message to others.

Too many people forget that email is a weapon in society. We think of this as a kind of pedestal from which to endorse whatever our new product or service may be.

The reality, though, is that you can also ask your audience questions and hear them back. Not only that, but if they liked it, you can even ask people to forward it to your posts.

Simply write down something at the bottom of the email saying if the reader liked what they were reading, then you’d really appreciate it if they’d consider forwarding the message to a friend.

You can even go as far as inserting an opt-in form (or a connection to your opt-in form) into the email itself. That way, if someone gets the message from a friend, if they should like it, they will be able to sign up for more like it.

Of course, the other important aspect of this approach is that the content needs to be sharable now, and it needs to be valuable enough that someone will like to read it for the first time that they want more and sign up to it.

Which means you need to build emails which give readers something: that’s fun, insightful, useful, or that helps them save money.

Have an Amazing Brand

Ultimately, the last move on a $0 budget to build a good list is to make sure you have a great brand.

This is something that may not be immediately obvious to everyone. But the truth is your brand will be a key weapon when it comes to convincing people to sign up. It will in fact be the most important device.

A successful brand’s aim is to make people feel something when they see it: to invoke an idea or some emotion. To do that, you need to specifically target your concept and culture to a very particular audience.

So, for example, if you have a fitness brand, then your company shouldn’t use a generic name like “FitnessPros.” Not all of it should be white and blue.

Rather, CrossFitters, or bodybuilders, or power athletes, or vegans, or people who love running should be the focus of your brand. And the logo and the web design will remind the person why they love this stuff. We ought to feel like they have come home!

And then you need to have great quality content that they can’t wait to read through your blog and you need to offer excellent products and services.

Why is that so important? It has to do with compiling a list?

Eventually, no matter how good the promotional script, and no matter how enticing the free offer… very few of us would sign up for the list unless, it’s a brand we’re already very interested in! Whether you subscribe to any newsletters, they’re likely run by blogs you’ve already read on a regular basis, or businesses you’ve ordered from.

If you have nothing interesting to say or anything to differentiate you, then you are not going to give people a reason to be excited to sign up!

Hope this article on “How to Build an Email List free” will help you in creating your Email List.

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