How to add an amazon affiliate link to WordPress

When someone follows your Amazon affiliate link and buys products, you’ll earn money from your Amazon affiliate link online. Now, I’m going to address the most common question asked by newbie Amazon affiliates in this post: “How to add an Amazon affiliate link to wordPress blog

I spoke about the Amazon Affiliate program in my earlier post, which is a good way to make money by selling the product. The best part is, it works for every niche, and the payout will be high if you do it right.

Extending the previous tutorial here, I’m sharing how you can build an individual product affiliate link on Amazon and link to your WordPress Post. By now, I’m assuming you’ve signed up as an Amazon Associate, if not, you can sign up from here.

You can add affiliate links to direct visitors to specific products by using your WordPress blog. It is important to note that this affiliate program is not going to be a success overnight. You can, however, gain more profits with time and a plan.

In this post you’ll learn how to add an Amazon affiliate Link to WordPress posts from Amazon affiliates and get tips on strategy to increase your earnings. Let’s continue with it.

How to add an Amazon Affiliate Links to WordPress blog

The first move is to sign into your Amazon Associates account.

Login to your Amazon affiliate panel once your application is approved and now go to any product page on Amazon’s website.

You can search for available products under the Product Linking tab. Amazon will show you related products based on your keywords. You’re going to pick products that suit your current product range or match your visitors’ shopping interests.

Amazon affiliate link to wordPress

Click the Get Link button next to the name of the product after you recognize the product you want to connect to.


Then you will be taken to the link building page. This is where you can design your Amazon affiliate link’s URL structure. Below are some of the parameters that you can see when you design your unique URL.

Text Only links that include your affiliate code are text links. You can also customize some pre-formatted anchor text. If you want to promote products at the end of your posts with a call-to-action message this method is the best way to do it.

Image Only links. In this links and the affiliate code are inserted into the product image. This strategy is good in the middle of a post for promoting products. The photo should catch the attention of the client and allow them to click.

In the Customize Link, you can pick the text and destination of the link in the Customize Link tab. Click the Highlight HTML button after and copy the highlighted link to be put on your website.


Now go to your dashboard for WordPress and open the editor for the post to which you want to add the link. Click on the HTML tab and paste the Amazon affiliate link on your site. You will see the CTA on your site after you save the changes. Here’s how it looks:


Double-check that the correct links to your blog are available. If it’s wrong, you’ll miss any revenue from an affiliate.

Add Amazon Auto Links – Amazon Associates Affiliate Plugin

Amazon affiliate link to wordPress

You can use the Amazon Auto Links plugin to automate this process instead of adding Amazon affiliate links manually. The steps below.

Amazon affiliate
  • Go to Manage Units to get the shortcode after you save the unit option. Add this shortcode to a post or to a widget’s visual editor.
  • Here’s how links to the Amazon affiliate can appear in a post:

Build an Amazon Affiliate Link Strategy You can seamlessly integrate Amazon affiliate links with your current advertisement displays if you already have banner ads and other types of advertising on your website. For example, you can easily add a few Image Only Amazon affiliate links if you have a sidebar full of ads.

However, if your blog is entirely focused on content, your visitors may be puzzled by these links. The wrong impression could be given by a sudden infusion of obvious ads. In this case, you may include links to relevant content from Text Only Amazon affiliate links, such as how-to guides, top ten lists, and ebooks.

Another approach is to build a shop page with your affiliate links on your website with a product catalog. Instead, to advertise your affiliate items, you can use social media posts.

It’s up to you at the end, Every blog and its content are different. To build your Amazon affiliate link strategy, consider your audience and the tone of your content.

Making more money for your business is always a smart idea. Through the addition of affiliate links to your WordPress posts, the Amazon Associates program will help you earn revenue. And you can improve the way you put your Links to increase profits with the right strategy.

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