Amazon Associates Program: Beginner’s Guide

An easy way to monetize your website or blog can be the Amazon associates Program, also called “Amazon affiliate.” Simply sign up, get immediate approval, and put referral links to Amazon today on your web page. You get the commission when someone makes an Amazon purchase through one of your links— it’s that easy.

But how are you going to start? Below is a step-by-step guide with screenshots to become an Amazon affiliate or you can say to join Amazon Associate Program. Whether you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, starting your own business or just looking for a small business side hustle, I hope you’ll find this guide a useful place to get started.

Becoming Amazon affiliate or Amazon Associates Partners are available for website owners and bloggers. Through building links, they sell items on their websites. By clicking on the links and buying products from Amazon, customers earn referral fees

How to become an Amazon affiliate or Amazon associates.

  • Start a website or blog.
  • Visit Amazon associates home Page.
  • Build your Amazon associates Profile.
  • Create Amazon affiliate link.

1. Start a Website or Blog

You need an active website, blog app, or YouTube channel to become an Amazon Associates. It is also effective if you have pre-populated the page with content, so it appears to both users and Amazon to be active and authentic.

Remember, as part of the application process, you must be able to describe your website’s function. So, get a firm idea of why you’re creating your page, the target audience, and how you’re going to bring in traffic.

2.Visit Amazon associates home Page.

Now is the time to create your account for Amazon Associates.

  • Visit the Amazon Associates website and press “Join Now for Free”
  • Log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new account.
Amazon Affiliate Program

3.Build your Amazon associates Profile

Upon signing up for your Amazon account, click “New Customer” and start building your Associates profile.

1. Enter the information about your account.

Enter your account information (including the payee’s name, address, telephone number)

Amazon Affiliate Program

2. Enter Your website address

Enter your website address, blog apps, YouTube channels, etc.

Amazon Affiliate Program

3. Enter the ID of your favorite store.

Enter your chosen store ID (usually the same as your website’s primary name), describe what your websites are hoping to achieve, and pick Amazon topics that your links are likely to target.

Amazon Affiliate Program

4. Explain how you are driving your site with traffic.

Explain how to drive traffic to your websites, how to use your website or apps to generate revenue, how to generate links, and how many visitors your website brings in each month.

Amazon Affiliate Program

 5.Enter your contact number.

Enter your contact number, click on “Call Me Now” and wait for Amazon’s immediate call. They will ask you to type a four-digit code, and your account will be accepted once it is complete.

Amazon Affiliate Program

6. Choose your method of payment.

Choose whether now or later to enter your payment (credit card) and tax ID information. Then go to the dashboard.

Amazon Affiliate Program

Create Amazon Affiliate Link.

You will be sent to your personal Associate homepage once you have established your account. This is where you will find your dashboard for performance (including an overview of earnings, a monthly summary, and total clicks).

Amazon Affiliate Program

It’s also here you’ll be looking to link related  products to your content. This is how:

Last Step How to Create an Amazon Affiliate Link.

  • Choose “Quick Links: Product Search” or “Browse for Product”
  • You can search for a specific product keyword with “Quick Links: Search for Product”
  • “Product browsing” allows you to search by categories such as “Video,” “Health & Beauty,” and “Books”
  • Click the “Get Link button when you find a related item
  • Add text and image, text only, image only, or widget to customize your link
  • Customize background color, title color, and image size depending on the type of link.
  • Preview the link before you add it to your website
  • Copy and paste the link ,short link, or copy HTML to your website.

It’s going to approve your account to 180 days. You must make at least one sale during that time, or your account will be closed. Upon making some changes to your account, you can reapply for the Amazon Associates program.

Are you ready for the Amazon Associates Program to start? I hope the guide will help. As with most marketing and sales, the essence of success is quality content.

Ensure that quality content reaches your audience and shares related affiliate links on your page with them. Good link!