8 Tips On How Create An Online Course for Free

Sometimes I’d wonder how to create an Online Course for free and make money online. Let me tell you that it’s not that easy. It’s not very difficult either.

However, developing a great course online could open the doors for your success. There are several stories of ordinary people who, simply by creating an online course, made millions of dollars.

I suggest that you follow these simple steps to build an online course and make money if you have great knowledge about a subject.

How to Create An Online Course For Free.

To create an online course for Free, you don’t need to be a professor. Yet you certainly need excellent skills and knowledge in writing and teaching. Since online courses are usually simple and also taken by people living abroad.

In addition, to support your online course, you must build tutorial videos. To make an amazing online course, read my step-by-step guide.

1.What You Can Offer People

By creating an online course, find out what you can offer people. This means taking stock of your different skills. It’s simple to define the subject. To train people about your job or passion, you can create an online program. You don’t just need to stick to some technical course.

Check Udemy.com: More than 100,000 different courses are listed. Such courses cover almost every area of life, from the growth of e-commerce to the treatment of animals. To build for sale and making money, you can get some ideas about the type of online course.

Shortlist the skills for creating an online course that can be useful.

2. Identify your Potential Buyers

You may have to offer a great idea and great skills. But for your online course, will there be any takers? As I mentioned earlier, it’s not easy to create an online course to make money.

Do a lot of internet research to find out where you can sell the course online. There is no need for the market to be within your country. Search for courses that are also available abroad in order.

For example, China is an excellent market for both spoken and written English language courses. Yes, for an excellent course, Chinese students are willing to pay good money.

Growing Asian economies, Middle East countries and Africa, depending on what you’re teaching, are some of the best foreign markets you can find. Get insights into the trends of teaching and online courses chosen by these foreign students.

3. Create a Marketing Plan

Prepare to face stiff competition if you offer online courses that are very special or unusual. A great marketing strategy is therefore required. There are several options for advertising the course online.

You can launch and sell the course on your own educational website or blog. Check:HOW TO START A FREE BLOG ON (BLOGGER.COM) BLOGGING PLATFORM Domain names and domain management are not costing much nowadays.

You may need to spend on web design and other processes that create a unique website for learning. Include a portal for payment and other features that provide secure access.

The other choice is to sell your course online via websites such as Udemy, Coursera, SkillShare and others. Such websites will sell your course online, but will pay you a membership fee or commission for each successful sale.

In addition, it is not enough to launch your own educational website or sell it through others. You’ve got to let the course know people. Consider using Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, LinkedIn and other similar resources to promote your online course.

Through building a campaign for Google Ads, you can also get Google to promote your online course. This is a paid service, but a budget can be set.

4. Set up Your Course Price

Clearly, by selling your course online, you want to make money. That’s why the important question comes here. How much for the course to charge?

Prices for online courses usually rely on different factors. These include course importance, length, material, and qualification where appropriate.

I suggest you visit some sites with online courses here to see costs. Review what a course offers — written content, images, photos, videos, voice streams, and other tutorials.

I recommend you include everything such as text, pictures and images, voice and videos if you want to create an online course and make money-big money.

5. Create Your Online Course

Now that you have all the knowledge you need and go ahead and create the course online. Comprehensibly, this is the hardest part. It is necessary to put all the information in your head on paper or, rather, a computer in the correct format and series.

Creating charts and using pictures in the course material that you took. These pictures and graphics will help you illustrate some points. Enable recordings of videos and voices as well.

If you have a digital camera that’s superior, good. If not, try using your smartphone’s camera. To make video tutorials, you can buy a cheap tripod to place the camera or smartphone.

Download and read all the content from your course. Correct any mistakes and prepare the final proofs.

To create an online course, I would like to offer one big tip: never hurry. Building a great online course could take several weeks.

6. Run Course on Trial

Before you use your own website or an eLearning portal to put the course online, run trials. Within a small group, you can offer it for free. Invite comments and suggestions from them. These users may be able to guide you through some improvements or features that you miss.

Check if the course is helpful to the student. You can also give free trial students tests to find out how much they have gained from your online course.

Personally, without trials and tests, I would not recommend anyone to create an online course to market this. Testing may, of course, take some time. It will, however, help smooth out any errors, failures and cover up grey areas.

7. Sell Your Course

This is, of course, the day you are waiting for. Your online course is ready to make money after completing the exams and fine tuning.

Use your own time to carefully upload the course to your own website or platform for eLearning. Make sure that the text, pictures, graphics and videos are not jumbled up. They ought to be in the right sequence.

Payments can be accepted by PayPal or other methods. If your course is being sold by an eLearning network, you don’t have to think about fees. After making a verified purchase, they will deposit your money through PayPal or any other legit form.

8. Update Your Course on Regular Basis

It’s extremely important to review and upgrade your course. Everything is changing fast nowadays. It will become obsolete if you do not update the online course regularly or if needed.

That means you’re not going to find any takers. It’s going to waste your energy, effort and money.

Remember to remind students immediately if you update a course. By using automatic mail, you can do that.

Brief Summary 

It is estimated that the international eLearning market will cross the US$ 325 billion mark by 2025. You will want a piece of this enormous market.

It’s not expensive to create an online course if you don’t want to buy things like cameras, recorders, microphones and other paraphernalia. You can also create an online course and make money by following these simple steps.

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